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Icefactory Europe: for 15 years the specialist in ice cubes and crushed ice!

Icefactory Europe, founded in 2008, has been one of the leading producers of ice cubes and crushed ice in Western and Northern Europe for 15 years. In addition to our successful presence in the hospitality industry, at events, festivals and private parties, our company continues to grow in Central Europe and beyond! The recent move of our production/storage to the former IJsboerke site in Beerse allows us to further accelerate this growth.

At this new location, we continue to invest in energy-efficient production and packaging methods. And with a storage capacity of +5,000 pallet spaces in our state-of-the-art freezer hall, we deliver smoothly nationally and internationally, from single boxes to full freezer trucks.

Our vision

One crystal clear motto:

‘Ice is food’

Icefactory Europe’s ice cubes and crushed ice are mainly used for consumption applications such as cooling of beverages, food processes , cooling eyes and displays for fish and seafood.

And we are very well aware of that. With our years of experience, we take full responsibility to offer each customer an outstanding quality product that meets your expectations as well as all international food safety standards.

We do this according to our unique “Ice is food” principle, with which we offer you 4 crystal-clear quality guarantees:

Daily monitoring of production water and finished product

A custom-built water treatment plant at our plant provides a double check on the supplied drinking water even before a single ice cube is produced with it.

100% pure

Our ice cubes and crushed ice are made with clear and pure drinking water so as not to affect the taste of your beverages or food products.

Slow melting

All of our ice products are guaranteed to melt slowly, so your drinks won’t water down and your ice buckets or refrigerated displays will stay cold for a long time.

Hands-free produced

Our manufacturing and packaging process is 100% hands-free. Thus, we deliver a guaranteed pure, safe and hygienic product.


Sustainability trumps

Icefactory Europe continues to innovate to deliver the greenest and brightest product possible. Our efforts throughout the production, packaging and transportation chain make our ice cubes and crushed ice the most ecological product possible.

We produce our ice cubes with NH3, a natural refrigerant that does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

We work energy efficiently thanks to solar panels and cold insulation consisting of modern materials & techniques.

An underground storage provides a buffer of 3,600m³ of rainwater, so we do not have to use potable water for our cooling systems.

We work with leading logistics partners for environmentally friendly transportation, including exploring electric and hydrogen solutions.



Icefactory operates throughout Europe.

Icefactory Europe continues to grow! We deliver to order to retailers, food service and production companies, hospitality businesses, (airline) caterers, event organizers, among others. And we do not limit ourselves to the Benelux countries, France, Germany, Poland and Scandinavia but also go further. With our huge inventory, your products are delivered quickly, without interrupting the cold chain!

15,000m² of Green Production

Since 2023, you can find us at the former IJsboerke site in Beerse. From here we are permanently committed to sustainable production and quality customer service.

Our new site in Beerse: catalyst for responsible growth.

Our Team

A passionate team ‘at your service’

Michael Beers





Technical Engineer


Coldstore manager