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Meet our range of ice cubes and crushed ice

At Icefactory Europe you will find top quality ice cubes. Perfect for chilling drinks and serving refreshing beverages.

Do you have specific requirements, such as square ice cubes (square cubes) or ice cubes embossed with your company name or logo? Contact our team for a personalized customized quote.

ice cubes

Our premium ice cubes are crystal clear, pure and slow-melting. Ideal for use in beverage or ice buckets. Available in convenient 1, 2 or 5 kg bags, cylindrical ice cubes of 30 g/piece.

Crushed ice

Our crushed ice is ideal for making cocktails, smoothies and other drinks, among other things. Also perfect for cooling food items in ice eyes or displays, e.g. fish, seafood, oysters, ...

Ice balls

The eye wants something too! With our ice balls, you can give your cocktails or other drinks an extra luxurious look.

Your quality guarantee

4 very good reasons to choose Icefactory Europe

  • Slow melting ice

    For delicious drinks that don't water down, ice buckets and refrigerated displays that stay cold for a long time.

  • 100% pure

    Our ice cubes and crushed ice are made with clear, pure drinking water so as not to affect the taste of your drinks.

  • Ecologically produced

    By producing ecologically and working with the right partners, we reduce our carbon footprint and help fight against global warming.

  • Hands-free

    Our manufacturing and packaging process is 100% hands-free. Thus, we deliver a guaranteed pure, safe and hygienic product.


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