Welcome to Icefactory Europe.
The specialist in ice cubes and crushed ice!

At Icefactory Europe, we understand that the quality of ice cubes is crucial for your business, event or party. As a leading manufacturer, we supply high-quality ice cubes, crushed ice and related products to supermarket chains, food service and other companies, catering establishments and individuals throughout Europe. Find out why our customers keep choosing us!

Our Products

Slow-melting premium ice cubes & crushed ice

At Icefactory Europe you will find top quality ice cubes. Perfect for chilling drinks and serving refreshing beverages. Both our ice cubes and crushed ice are produced with care to meet the highest standards.

  • Made with crystal clear water without additives
  • Slow melting for optimum comfort of use
  • 100% hands-free packaging for a pure and hygienic product

Available Everywhere

Our ice cubes can be found at most supermarkets and wholesalers, but also for example in gas stations and of course in our own Ice Shop in Beerse. Useful for home users or for the professional client who is just a little out of the loop.

Fast delivery

We supply ice cubes and crushed ice with our freezer trucks to catering businesses, events, festivals and (private) parties. Our principle: ordered today is delivered the day after tomorrow! Individuals can also take advantage of a prompt delivery service or pick up themselves.

Ecologically responsible

Icefactory Europe continues to innovate to deliver the greenest product possible. We produce our ice cubes with the natural refrigerant NH3, operate energy efficiently thanks to solar panels and use modern techniques/materials to insulate our cold. An underground storage also provides a buffer of 3,600m³ of rainwater, so we do not have to use potable water for our cooling systems.

Always in stock

Since 2023, our production has been located on the former site of IJsboerke. On a total area of no less than 15,000 m2 we can produce large volumes. In our state-of-the-art & automated freezing hall, we store +5,000 pallets of ice cubes and crushed ice, so we never run out of stock.

Premium ice

An added value in any drink!

Your quality guarantee

4 very good reasons to choose Icefactory Europe

  • Slow melting ice

    For delicious drinks that don't water down, ice buckets and refrigerated displays that stay cold for a long time.

  • 100% pure

    Our ice cubes and crushed ice are made with clear, pure drinking water so as not to affect the taste of your drinks.

  • Ecologically produced

    By producing ecologically and working with the right partners, we reduce our carbon footprint and help fight against global warming.

  • Hands-free

    Our manufacturing and packaging process is 100% hands-free. Thus, we deliver a guaranteed pure, safe and hygienic product.

Who can come to us?


Supermarkets, food services, wholesalers and retail stores can turn to us to offer their customers a quality ice cream assortment. This can be under our brand or under your own private label.

Hospitality & events

Hospitality manager or event organizer? Give your beverages and refrigerated displays the ice they deserve. Even ice cubes with your company name or logo are available to order!


Numerous event, foodservice and production companies count on Icefactory Europe for all their ice cream needs.


Our ice cubes can be found per bag in most supermarkets and wholesalers, but also for example in gas stations and of course in our own Ice Shop in Beerse.